Niche expertise and advice provides the clarity and direction needed to move forward.

The Challenge

The path to a successful virtual instructor-led training program or other live online communication events is not always clear, especially in the early stages. There are many decisions to be made and even more options when it comes to program design, implementation approaches, industry best practices, the talent to present and facilitate sessions, and the technology. Often there is little room for error; a few missteps and executive support is at risk.

The Solution

Our team of experts offer advice and expertise on the following common challenge areas:

  • Best practices for training and presenting in the live virtual environment.
  • Online learning program implementation strategies.
  • Needs analysis.
  • Instructional design.
  • Virtual classroom technology.

What's Next?

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Our Story

Mondo Learning Solutions is a virtual learning solutions provider based in Milwaukee, WI. Our purpose is to help our clients plan, design, and deliver groundbreaking live online training and events.