Virtual Learning Session Producer Services

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The Challenge

Often presenters and trainers in the virtual instructor-led training (VILT) environment struggle to present their material effectively and manage the online classroom technology simultaneously. Enlisting the support of a skilled producer (also known as a host or moderator) is often necessary to successfully deliver live online learning events. Though it is recognized that the producer’s support role in the virtual classroom is important, securing consistent resources internally to fulfill this role is challenging whether it be because of time constraints, discomfort with the technology, or conflicting priorities.

The Solution

Managing live online learning sessions independently can be challenging, even for the most skilled presenter. Partnering with a virtual learning session producer allows your presenter to do what they do best; present their material while leaving the mechanics and technology in the hands of a talented producer. Mondo Learning Solutions provides Learning Session Production Services to ensure that your online training sessions are delivered successfully and professionally.

Our producers typically handle the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Arrive 30 minutes prior to the session start time to complete pre-session duties and welcome participants.
  • Handle all technical questions, issues, and problems that arise.
  • Facilitate session kick-off and presenter introduction as directed.
  • Manage chat and respond to any messages. Alert the presenter when he or she needs to be involved or address an issue.
  • Document items on the whiteboard.
  • Manage breakout sessions.
  • Launch applications, set-up breakout rooms, manage polling, and keep track of time for the presenter.
  • Monitor attendance and submit a summary report highlighting notable events that occurred during the session.

These support services are customized to each client’s specific production needs.

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