Dress Rehearsal Sessions

Preparing trainers, executives, and business presenters for their next live online class or webinar delivery.

The Challenge

Whether a presenter or trainer is new to the online live virtual communication platform or a seasoned veteran, a lot of hard work, planning, and preparing goes into each online delivery. It is one thing to deliver a session you have conducted live several times, but something entirely different when it’s the first delivery; there are often many unknowns. A low-stakes dress rehearsal can flush out potential issues, reduce unexpected surprises, and provide just-in-time feedback allowing the opportunity to make final tweaks before going in front of a live group of participants.

The Solution

A dress rehearsal session offers everyone involved in the virtual event an opportunity to do a test run through the session, much like it will be the day it is conducted live.

Depending on the client’s specific requirements, a typical Dress Rehearsal Session engagement includes:

  • A preparation meeting with our coach and your facilitator, producer (moderator/host), instructional designer, and any other stakeholders designated.
  • Recruitment or coordination of individuals that will play the role of participants in the rehearsal.
  • Setting the rehearsal session plan and expectations.
  • Providing a platform for rehearsal, if needed.
  • Facilitating rehearsal.
  • An assigned coach who will provide support, evaluation, and feedback as determined in the preparation meeting.
  • A post-rehearsal debriefing meeting.
  • A follow up summary outlining feedback and action items.

Who Would Benefit?

Dress Rehearsal Sessions are ideal for those new to, or who have minimal experience working in, the virtual delivery space. Seasoned professionals benefit from dress rehearsals when working with new material or audiences.

What's Next?

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Our Story

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