Live Session Observation

Outside perspective to fine-tune online instructor-led programs and the people that deliver them.

The Challenge

Whether a presenter or trainer is new to the online live virtual classroom platform or a seasoned veteran, it can be very difficult for them to gauge for themselves where their strengths lie in their delivery and what the opportunities are to improve. In addition, many in this role find the time it takes to explore new techniques, ideas, activities, and design elements is just not available in their schedules with the day-to-day demands of their position.

The Solution

Bringing in a virtual instructor-led training coach to observe a live session offers a fresh perspective on both the design and delivery of a virtual class or webinar. The detailed evaluation and feedback provided identifies where the strengths lie and where there are opportunities for improvements in regard to facilitation, production, design, and technology. The coach also identifies opportunities in which new delivery techniques and design approaches could be considered to enhance delivery results.

Depending on the client’s specific requirement, a typical Live Session Observation engagement includes:

  • Pre-session preparation meeting with our coach and your facilitator, producer (moderator/host), instructional designer, and any other stakeholders designated.
  • Assigned coach attendance at the live session(s).
  • Post-session debriefing meeting.
  • A summary evaluation report outlining feedback, recommendations, and suggested action items.

Who Would Benefit?

Live Session Observation sessions are ideal for those new to, or who have minimal experience working in, the virtual delivery space. Seasoned professionals benefit in situations in which they are working with new material or audiences, or the desire is to polish delivery skills.

What's Next?

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Our Story

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